Friday, February 1, 2008

out of the mouths of babes

O.K I admit it when I am angry I curse...not super bad, I always say did my mom when she got really mad.

So tonight v.j is whiney and crabby as she needs to go to bed. I am waiting for some auctions to end and she is mad she isn't allowed on the computer. I put the swan princess on t.v for her in hopes she will relax and get ready for sleep. She is protesting saying she doesn't like it...
"mom, I saw this already, I don't like this Fricken show", I almost fell off my chair!!

Brings back a comercial I would you act if you were on camera 24 hours a day...if you have kids you are, lead by example as kids will immitate what they see....ohhhhhh so true.

Baaaaaad MOMMY!

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