Monday, April 30, 2007

Warning- crazy mom zone...Enter at your own risk!

Lol ...yes it's official I am a blogger!!

My vent zone, my savior, my escape from I expecting too much?

I grew up with journals and diaries, private and personal. Now in the age of computers I am about to expose myself to all my friends on how nuts I really am!!

I am a mom of four a wife of...ummmm...almost 15 years!

I never claim to be sane or "normal"...and I'm sure if you read my post many will wonder that as well.

Ananimity...I wish but sure with sharing all my crazy rantings of a desperate housewife, I will also want to share my joys of being a mom :)

Welcome my old friends and my new ones...I welcome positive loving comments always....please keep the ones that are not on your blog :) lol

Stir Crazy

Spring has sprung and I haven't quite recovered from my winter hibernation of 8 months!

My home is is desperate need of spring cleaning(again this month), but can't seem to motivate my butt today.

Today I feel like I am on a spinning Merry-go-round with my tongue out spinning faster and faster...I feel like I need to get out of my skin but just can't? Does this make sense to any of you mom's out there?

I'm so ready for peace and quiet.......3 down one to go....and no it's not the toddler!

Another big day tomorrow, gymboree with the DC ( demon child) and grocery shopping with the Lurker.....not looking forward to another $800 grocery bill.....Why do they eat so much!!!

My goal for tomorrow...clean DC's room and get ready for another "i've out grown it sale"...yeah...not enthusiastic at all! but so need to get rid of more crap....and not to eat so much. I know the moods and the munchies is just hormonal.....but I'm so tired of
them :(

Well I'm off to veg in front of the T.V....great habit I know, my one of MANY!!