Thursday, January 10, 2008

Out with the old in with the old

I remember being under 13 and thinking wow it will take so long before I am 14 so I can get my learners permit. Then at 15 remember thinking oh next year when i am 16 I can get my drivers licence...the next big thing 18, woohoo i can "legally" not that ever stopped drink. Next mile stone....21 and leagal in the u.s and get to go to Vegas with my mom....wohoo

Besides that the thing that seem the longest wait was that 40 weeks...sorry 42 weeks till my fist born came.....time seemed to move at a snails pace....but now the time just seems to FLY on by.
2008 wow

News years resolutions, not this year not usually a thing for me. I have the same goal I have over the past year get healthy stay healthy teach my kids to be.

This has proven to be quite a challenge so far, especially for V and I. I sware it's the cold from hell and it's dominions have set foot in my head and have made house!

My poor baby has been ill since the week before Christmas. I felt like mean mommy keeping her home from playschool and playgroup. She keeps telling me she will never get over the fact I made her miss all her Christmas parties.
Between fevers reaching 104, not eating or sleeping through the night it's been a nightmare.

V absolutely refuses to take any meds what so ever, so not only does she suffer, everyone around her does as well.

We did manage small break at christmas, not perfect but well enough to enjot gifts and I did manage to cook for 15 on Christmas day.

Just when I thought she was getting better, Monday hit with gooy eyes with eyelids fused shut with yellow gunk....then another fever and restless sleep. I sware I got kicked in the head 20 times that night...oh did I mention she won't sleep in her bed.Misery loves company they say!!!

Today looked better, she finally ate some food, was playing but I notice she was itchy and scratchy...HIVES! From clue.

I give, I give mercy, Uncle....aunty......Your my daddy!!!! when will it end ..for her, me?!

I am so hoping Jan will be like like a need a lamb!!!!

(Not quite her finest poor baby)

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Oh! Poor Baby! is she better now? How is she doing?
How are you doing coping with all of that?
I pray that this will be a healthy year for all of you. No more concussions! or sickies!