Thursday, January 17, 2008

15 years

Today was both a day of joy and a little sadness. My second son turned 15 today...I am still in denial that I am a mom of two teenagers, almost three.

I remember the day he was born like yesterday......My hubby was working for city ,night shifts.
J was in bed and babe was kicking up a storm all night. At midnight I felt like a pop inside my belly, but my water had not broke. At the exact same time I heard J wake up, I felt labor start...J all of a sudden was extremely ill. He proceeded to vomit and poop everywhere. After changing his bed for the third time I figured it was time to call hubby and let him know I was a labour and I needed some help with J, I figured labour would take hours, so I wasn't concerned, but taking care of J was getting hard with contractions.

Right after calling hubby I let my MIL know we would be needing her to come over, but not right away, as Contractions were coming 2 min, 5, min, 7 min....very irregular. Something in my voice must have told her to come
Within 1/2 an hour hubby had arrived home and 5 min after that the in laws showed up...thank god!
We left for the hospital within mins, contractions were on top of each other.
The usual things at the hospital, check in , monitors....I felt like I needed to sit in the bathroom.....I wasn't comfortable lying down. We were soon transfered into a delivery room. I remember having a shower and sitting on the
All of a sudden I felt the urge to push, hubby felt it was a good idea to get off my throne and move to the bed.
I tried hard to stay away from meds and an epidural, laughing gas was just not a possibility. The contractions were far sharper then I had with J....they were intense and fast.
I was offered morphine, as a young mom I know I didn't ask enough questions back then, will it help, will it affect my baby? No it did not help the pain and yes it would I was to find out.
The delivery was quick 15 min and only a few pushes...who ever said once the head was out the shoulders will effortlessly slide out...had not met T before....his shoulders were huge!!

T was born 4 hours and 15 min after my labour started. I was expecting to see a very large baby, I gained 45 lbs with him and J was 9lb 9 oz.....nope 8 lbs on the dot. When he came out he just stretched his body out and ...WHAAAAAAAAA

Out of this little boy this DEEP voice....and LOUD!

The nurses proudly walked back into the room with him after a clean up and announce T had waken not one but all the babies up in the nursery.
Poor little guy was inconsolable, after effects of the morphine they told me, I still feel bad to this day about that.
About an hour after he finally calmed down.
I was so happy to have another son a great companion for J.

I am so amazing to look back on T over the past 15 years. The young man he has become. He is kind and loving yet annoying like normal 15 year old boys. I am beginning to see that boys are very similar at that age, or mine are.
They think we as parents know little, that they know everything, they are always tired when it comes to chores yet amazingly full of energy when their friends call to do something and above all BOTTOMLESS pits.
The past two years he has put on about 70 lbs and 8 inches and is proud to sport facial hair!
He thinks it's great he can look down on mom and Pick me up.
It's an odd feeling when your boys turn into men in front of your eyes.
T has done a lot of growing in and out this year, but one thing still remains and I will hold on to as long as I can, he still loves to cuddle up to mom on the couch

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Happy Birthday T!!
Aw Y, this is so well written, I can feel all of your conflicting emotions so clearly. He has sure grown up, so quickly it seems!