Friday, January 25, 2008

another comment on parents

Watching stupid t.v and hearing people comment on the "spears children" and what kind of mom they must have.
That is one thing I absolutely hate is those people who blame things on the parents ( not saying some are not to blame)
...I haven't had anyone do this to my face, and I would never say it to another.
It is usual ignorant people who so far have "perfect" children who make that stupid comment.
We have a child who is making poor decisions, one who has dropped out of school.......
We gave him what he needed growing up, I stayed home so daycare wouldn't raise him, loved him, didn't beat him, supported him, and did everything we felt we could do. Sometimes we all get a little lost and we all do stupid me one human who hasn't.
I guess I am naive in this world...I still believe you shouldn't judge people until you walk in their's not my job to judge's GODS.
done venting :)

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shay said...

I feel badly for the Spear's kids too.

I think some of the judgment comes from the fact that she was writing a parenting book. Kinda set herself up for that eh?!

Oh and I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with one of your kids:(