Tuesday, March 11, 2008

givin my head a shake!

A tattoo, from arm to arm another from hip to neck, wanting to open a night club, no more plans to go to collage or university.....a trip this summer then one to the Dominican, and he asks my if I have his bio father's address as he wants to track down the sperm donnor when he turns 18.
During supper my 17 year old walks through the door with roses for my birthday. Happy to see them even if he's a little late...lol
Then he proceeds to fill me in what he life plans are.....
part of me is stressed, the other part says not to take things to much to heart as he has already changed his mind from being a nurse (too much school) welder, joining the army, having a restaurant to now wanting a night club.
How do you parent at this stage, I want to be supportive but the words escape me. I just nod my head and tell him to research it. It's great to have goals and dreams, but I'm left shaking my head.
He figures he will have a car and a truck by next winter.....could have if he keeps this job.....says he's going to have so many hundreds of thousands saved up to put a down payment to build a club.......o.k.
I totally understand he wants to find out why S.D wanted nothing to do with him for 18 years. I just told him yes he does deserve answers, but don't expect to much as he's walked out on his second family too.
I just don't want to see him hurt....but he does deserve answers heaven knows I never understood.
ahhhhhhh what do you do?


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Ah! How do you let go and let them make their own way? So hard. Lots of whispered prayers while trying not to worry, I guess. I wish I had some wisdom to share Yvonne, I just have a shoulder and an ear. Take care and know that I pray for you guys while I pray for mine. I don't know what else to do.

shay said...

Thinking of you. those are tough questions.

Hugs and Happy Birthday!