Monday, March 24, 2008

remember this is my negative blog!!

One thing I really HATE about myself is I let the actions of others affect me. Funny how certain events in life can bring you right back to the person I was 20 years ago.
I had(past tense now) a friend that we were very close when we were teenagers. I was there for her through some very rough times and great times....we were the type of friends that you could not talk in months or years and just pick up again....after all we have been friends for over 18 years.
We had lost touch with each other for about 5 years....and I tracked her down and pushed her into signing up for facebook to keep in touch. More conversations on the phone and e-mails. I kept trying to persuade a trip to visit"soon" she promised.
On Thursday I logged into my facebook to see her last post Headed to alberta, I'm so excited"
Well She obviously wasn't planning on seeing me. And then another friend we used to hang out with posts all these pics of Their Easter get together.
I flip right in to teenager mode and I am sickened that she couldn't take a min to call and get together. Dumb I know.....I'll be over it in a day.
Some people never change. SHe was always the type to do this, unreliable yet everyone loves her.
Don't know if I need friends like this in my life anymore, I really think I deserve to be treated better. I have great friends that I have made here, really don't need to waste time on people who don't care enough about me in the same way I care for them.
(big sigh)


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Aw sweetie, that really sucks, I am so sorry.
Thanks for coming by last week, I so enjoyed your visit. Sorry I had to run though:)

shay said...

I would have felt exactly the same way.
Actually I have a friend like that. I guess I just have to admit that not everyone thinks I'm as wonderful as I am ;0)
Hugs and I'm sorry. Her loss really!