Monday, April 7, 2008

socially retarded

I really think I am. I have such a hard time saying the right thing anymore, being supportive when I should, letting people in.
My biggest fears are loosing those I love or being hurt by them. I have had several friends that I grew up with hurt me the most, even to this day I feel like our friendships mean nothing.
I am torn between walking away yet the one friend always seems to understand some of the wacky things that go through my head. Yet I go out of my way to make sure I can attend every birthday party and family event...yet three times in one month she has let me down.
I always seeked female friends as eventhough I have a sister we are like night and day and her support for me just never was.It always about her and is often always all negative.
I am doing my best not to get like that, and set an example for my kids.
I love so dearly the new friendships I have made in the past few years and hope to do my best when they need me.

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shay said... rock girl!

Sometimes old friends fall into old patterns and it's healthier to let them be.

I think you're very kind and not at all socially retarted lol. (I think I might be though and had to laugh at the title!