Sunday, May 6, 2007

aughhhh! Hate it when ....

My hubby works night shifts!!!

after so many years of having hubby work days , then having to adjust to shift work aughhhh it's so hard!
I think my mommy brain shuts down .....

The toddler who out of the blue decides to fall asleep on me last night and wakes me by drenching me and the couch in pee! and the moody pubescent girl who's brain is started to blank out most of the time....and the ANNOYING 14 year old who does his best to make the bladder challenged toddler and the MPG scream at every opportunity, not to mention that he has to imput on everything that is said if it is wanted or not.


Yes I love them...but they are driving me to LOOSE IT!!!

venting done..(tried to find a picture of mom pulling her hair out, no luck :)

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