Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday -again

man where does the week go?
I am doing everything in my power not to do
I have house work and a sale tomorrow, should be going through bins and I'm not
just don't want to do it, last sale I backed out at the last min....motivation where are you?

So much as happened this week, guess that's why people post daily to prevent a massive all over the place post.

I am still working on me, loosing the weight, getting healthy physically and emotionally. I know I didn't get here over night , it takes time.
I stepped on the scale this morning...I am down another pound, 8 lbs lost in 2 weeks total of 21 far to go yet but getting there.
Funny thing is some how I got this impression in my head I would look different, I don't, just a bit smaller...I need to get that flabby butt going to the gym to hopefully tighten things and reshape. I will start putting away for my tuck and lift fund....I want the extra skin GONE!

Before I get off the computer....I want to thank my TWO readers lol.who always support and comment on my blog. I love you both!! I do read your blogs frequently, I just suck on commenting and so appreciate you still leaving comments for me. I am here and supporting you too!!!


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Love you girl! So exciting about the weight loss, slowly but surely.
I was thinking of you all day today.
Hope you have an awesome weekend and talk to you soon.

shay said...

Love you too!
And I wasn't even reading much the last couple of weeks have been so crazy. I'm back baby! AND I hear you also have other good news...

Oh and 21 lbs is freakin' amazing! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT WHOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!